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Dr. Roberto Avila

Dr. Roberto Avila

Laboratory Director

Microbiologist from UCR with over 15 years experience in the industrial microbiology field. Broad experience in Quality Management Systems implementation based on ISO/IEC 17025 for laboratory, and applied experience in ISO 13485 working for medical devices manufacturing industry. Lead auditor for QMS based in ISO/IEC 17025.

Eng. Mauren Monge

Eng. Mauren Monge

Technical Manager

Biotechnology Engineer from ITCR, with over 15 years experience in the medical devices industry field. Experience in microbiological quality assurance of medical device manufacturing and sterilization processes (ETO, gamma radiation and e-beam, dry heat). Knowledge in quality system requirements based on ISO 13485 and ISO/IEC 17025.


Air Quality and Cleanrooms

The performance of a cleanroom is defined by a set of complex interactions between the airflow, sources of contamination and heat, position of vents, exhausts and any objects occupying the space. Consequently changes to any of these elements will potentially affect the operation of the cleanroom and could invalidate aspects of the room design.

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